Ascent VIP


Want to fly to your destination without all of the hassle of airport security lines, rude customer service agents, invasive searches, and unreliable schedules? Let Ascent VIP arrange travel in a private jet. You will be personally escorted to the jet on the tarmac, enjoy a comfortable ride, and be picked up immediately as you exit the jet. No navigating airports, no lost luggage, no aggravation. The Practical Alternative

Unlike traditional charter, Sentient Jet Membership offers guaranteed availability and one-way pricing with service, quality and safety comparable to the national fractional providers. Yet Membership requires no capital investment, no commitment to a set number of hours or jet model, and also protects you from the risk of depreciating assets. With hourly rates well below the fractional companies, a Sentient Jet Membership may be the ideal approach to meet your private travel needs Established in 1999, Sentient has more than ten years experience in private aviation. Sentient offers a unique safety program led by private aviation's only Independent Safety Advisory Board, which features standards exceeding FAA requirements for jet charters in a host of categories, such as pilot experience. All participating aircraft and operators are carefully certified, and must pass ongoing, on-site audits by a team of dedicated Aircraft Inspectors. Client Management Consultants are available 24/7 to assist Members with any request and are supported by a state-of-the-art, fully staffed Command Center. How it Works

Sentient Jet's Membership is elegantly simple. You join by placing funds on deposit, which are used entirely for flight hours. With each flight, you choose from four sizes (Light, Mid, Super-Mid and Heavy) as well as from two categories (Preferred - with jets younger than ten years, and Select - with somewhat older jets offering more value). After your flight, your account is debited for the hours flown at Sentient's guaranteed maximum rates. The balance on deposit in your account is refundable at any time and never expires.

While the Program's guaranteed rates are already 10-15% below other national companies, these rates are only a maximum you will ever pay. With Sentient's unique Network Pricing feature, certain itineraries may qualify for additional savings which are passed on to you as a benefit of your Membership. Each time you contact them for a flight, they will search through their extensive network of certified aircraft to get you the best rate possible every time. Your Offer to Join.

While the standard deposit requirement on a Sentient Jet Membership is $150,000, Sentient is extending a special offer for Ascent VIP subscribers to join for a reduced deposit commitment of only $100,000. (Funds are used entirely for flight hours, are refundable and never expire.) With your Membership commitment, Sentient will also provide $2,500 in flight credits to help get you on your way. Call 888-404-8712